Stealth Oilfield Inspections Ltd. provides services in many aspects of the industry, here are a few:

Drill Collar Inspections:

    Stealth Inspections
  • Drill Collar Inspections: We provide qualified service technicians to perform a complete wellsite inspection of Drill Collars, Heavi-wate Drill pipe and all related subs, cross-overs and drilling related products.
  • Drill Pipe Inspections: Full-length drill pipe inspection to RP7G Specifications.
  • Tubing Inspections: On the rack full-length tubing inspections, including drift and check threads.
  • Wellsite Inspections: Power Tongs, Top Drives, Kellys, Brake Bands, welds and many other aspects of the drilling rig.
  • Rental Tools: We provide Mag Particle Inspection services for rental companies that require an unbiased third party inspection of the tools that they send out on a daily basis. These tools are cleaned, inspected and recorded in a local data base that can be tracked over time to allow for full traceability on any and all tools inspected.
  • Service Rig Inspections: Crowns, Line pipe, Brakes, and any related stress related items.
  • Crane and Picker Inspections: We provide Engineered Certifications for Crane, Picker and Loader inspections as required.
  • Vessel and Piping Inspections: Ultrasonic readings are recorded for Manifolds, piping and vessels for Test Seperators, P-Tanks and all related piping.

Wellsite Tubing Inspections:

To aid in the minimizing of tubing failures and lower operating costs for our clients, Stealth continues to invest in the latest technology. The WellTech-IV™ Rig Floor Inspection System is one of those investments, and is designed to inspect oilfield tubing on the rig floor while being pulled out of the well. With ease, the inspection head is lifted onto the rig floor by the rig hoist line and positioned over the slips. This allows the operator to see the slips operate with the inspection head in place. The WellTech-IV™ provides fast on-site calibration and a reliable, quality inspection to put the well back in operation quickly. This guarantees the tubing owner’s satisfaction of knowing the true condition of the tubing string.

  • Tubing inspection capacity: 2 3/8" to 4 1/2" (with coupling)
  • Inspection speed range: Up to 250 ft./min.
  • Estimated time to calibrate: 10-20 minutes
  • Racked Tubing Inspection: Available at the wellsite or pipe rack site.