How It Works

Wellsite Tubing Inspections:

To aid in the minimizing of tubing failures and lower operating costs for our clients, Stealth continues to invest in the latest technology. The WellTech-IV™ Rig Floor Inspection System is one of those investments, and is designed to inspect oilfield tubing on the rig floor while being pulled out of the well. With ease, the inspection head is lifted onto the rig floor by the rig hoist line and positioned over the slips. This allows the operator to see the slips operate with the inspection head in place. The WellTech-IV™ provides fast on-site calibration and a reliable, quality inspection to put the well back in operation quickly. This guarantees the tubing owner’s satisfaction of knowing the true condition of the tubing string.

  • Tubing inspection capacity: 2 3/8" to 4 1/2" (with coupling)
  • Inspection speed range: Up to 250 ft./min.
  • Estimated time to calibrate: 10-20 minutes

Detection Capability:

Transverse cracks, pitting, splits & holes (SPLIT-Chek), TRUE WALL™ Solid state hall effects wall loss monitoring for large area corrosion and rod wear.  The WellTech-IV™ system runs all electronically with no radioactive materials present.

PC Based Electronics Console includes:

  • TranverseFlaw, solid state hall effects technology (view each channel in different colors)
  • Wall thickness monitoring, solid state hall effects
  • New and Enhanced SPLIT-Chek longitudinal split and hole detection system,
  • Digital constant current mag power supply
  • Computerized data acquisition, high speed computer system, color monitor & printer
  • View inspection data on laptop or desktop computer

Inspection Head (New compact size-30% smaller and lighter than previous models):

  • TRUE-WALL™ solid state wall monitoring system
  • Exclusive "TFD" (TRUE FLAW DETECTION) System with solid state sensors
  • Guide/wipers built into head for pipe centralization & wiping of tube OD

Software features:

  • Windows  based software
  • Data acquisition spread sheet program included for documentation by operator of pipe information i.e. reject data, joint no., etc.
  • Each section of pipe is numbered & stored to disk, and can be reviewed as “Live Time”
  • Well Profile Report indicates problem areas in string, which is an excellent management tool for use in tubing wear analysis and corrosion inhibitor programs.

Included in Steath’s quality management system is a review of all tubing inspections jobs. This monitors operator consistency and insures that our standards are met on all jobs regardless of which branch or operator completed the inspection. These job reviews are discussed and reviewed with the employees so that we constantly monitor and improve our performance.

Our operators are trained and experienced to analyse the readings to determine the most reliable judgement and to cull out tubing that would otherwise cause future failures without causing any undo costs and waste.

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